A Saturday Surprise

Yesterday, with a day off work, I decided to treat myself to lunch and a coffee.

Image courtesy of Urbanspoon.com

Image courtesy of Urbanspoon.com

My documented quest for the best coffee in town has confirmed what I long suspected, The Sprout & The Bean has the consistently best coffee, delicious food and the friendliest staff.

So I decided to duck in for something to eat, and just enjoy an hour alone. It was exactly what I needed.

On my way out, the owner Shaun asked me if I wanted to come in again tomorrow as part of ‘Shop Big in Small Business’, an incentive from the Victorian government designed to encourage people to get out and support their local businesses. As part of the day the Sprout & The Bean were offering up a free breakfast for their regulars.

I had been pondering the question in my mind for some time, when does a person qualify as a ‘regular‘?

If I was waiting for a sign, this was it.

Rest assured, I was doing it to support the local community ;)

I wish I had taken a better photo. This picture doesn't feature the awesomeness beneath the fruit.

I wish I had taken a better photo. This picture doesn’t feature the awesomeness beneath the fruit.

I had the house granola, which was perfectly crunchy, with delicious natural yogurt and honey. Topped with apple and banana that would make your heart sing. It was amaze-balls.


Epic Eggs

My friend Cara (who I dragged along), had poached eggs with the usual suspects (toast, avocado, etc.) with a chutney that she wanted to store up on for the winter. Absolutely beautiful.

A fantastic start to the weekend and an unexpected surprise :)

Thank you to the Shaun and the staff at The Sprout & The Bean for a wonderful breaky!

Hope everybody is having a great weekend :)

6 Comments on “A Saturday Surprise”

  1. I’ve not heard of The Sprout and The Bean but since your recommendation and the fact it shares part of my blog name I need to go! 😃😃

  2. That looks like an adorable little place!! Love that you got breakfast for lunch – I would eat breakfast for every. single. meal. if I could! And sometimes I do ;)

    And haha I always wonder what qualifying for a “regular” means too. Obviously I’m a regular at the cafeteria (the guy that does the stir fries doesn’t have to ask how I want mine, he knows!), but I mean, considering I eat there every day, I better be a regular! lol

  3. What a great surprise- house granola sounds so good- Although I’d have to go with what Cara did- you can never beat the classic- as long as vegemite is involved.

    PS is it breaky or brekky? Always wanted to know haha!

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