Delicious Discoveries

Don’t you love finding a new blog to read? It opens up a wealth of new posts and possibilities.

On the weekend I had a peruse of Davida‘s blog, The Healthy Maven. I was low on food in the fridge and trying to find a recipe that I could put together with the bare necessities (haven’t we all found ourselves in such a situation?).

IMG_0249I was elated to find I had all the ingredients for Davida’s Moroccan Turkey Meatcakes. They were really tasty, and so simple to prepare. They’re made with ground flax and Greek yogurt. I was (ever) the skeptic, but boy were they good! So light and delicious, not at all thick and ‘meaty’ like so many meat dishes. I enjoyed them a lot :)

The very next day, I whipped up her fluffy Grain Free Protein Pancakes. With the second recipe, I was sold. This wasn’t just a one trick pony ;)

Last night, I made yet another dish of hers: Thai Turkey Burgers with Peanut Sauce. Side note: Despite how often I cook it, I really don’t like saying the word turkey out loud, it makes me cringe. I wonder if there is a repressed childhood memory I don’t know about?

The burgers were burgers. So I was already won over. But the real draw card was the peanut sauce. I’ve never attempted my own, and avoid the salty-sugar-laced already made varities. It was so good, when I took my first bite, I looked to the person next to me to exclaim how amazing it tasted. Then I remembered I was eating alone.

SAM_2729It was/is amazing. The sauce was absolutely perfect – the burger itself was another great turkey burger recipe to add to my ever expanding list. The veggies really helped bulk things up, and yet didn’t dominate the entire flavour.

I served it on my latest craze, lettuce wraps. The whole meal was, quite frankly, the bomb.

Thank you to Davida for sharing some fabulous eats, there will certainly be more to test-drive :D

9 Comments on “Delicious Discoveries”

  1. I love Davida’s blog and her recipes! All of her food pictures are always so good :)

  2. I’ve made those grain free pancakes before- they were one of my first pancake recipes I tried out! So good.

  3. Yay, you got some good home cooking in here! I need to check out Davida’s blog – I was going to do so for a long time, but got soaked in with other blogs – there are just too many to read daily :-)

  4. Mitchell!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed so many of my recipes. You definitely picked some of my favs. Peanut butter + burger is a life-changing combo and those pancakes are by far my favourite!

    You are awesome :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you so so much for sharing them! :D

      The peanut sauce is so amazing, I’ve made it three times since this post. Last night I made chicken lettuce wraps with the sauce smothered on top. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

      No, you are awesome! :) Have a great weekend :)

  5. […] is making my best lettuce wrap to date: chicken with salad, red onion and topped with Davida‘s peanut sauce. I used two […]

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