Home Brew (The Best You’ll Ever Have)

A rough demographic of the readers of this blog places most of them in the Northern Hemisphere.

"I said, 'Brrrr' it's cold in here ..."

“I said, ‘Brrrr’ it’s cold in here …”

While I remain sympathetic that you are experiencing what can only be described as ‘hell freezing over‘ – seriously, it looks atrocious – it is the first time that summer here has started to look like it. Despite Australia recording it’s hottest year ever, things have been pretty mild in Melbourne/Victoria the last two months.

The sudden jolt of summer gave me the opportunity to make what I have spent much of winter waiting for: a hot day and an iced coffee.

What I didn’t count upon was making the best iced coffee of my life. Added bonus.

Cold-brewing coffee has been trendy for a while, and I’ve used this method in the past to make a concentrate that I could then transport, add boiling water and make a decent long black in a pinch … (the lengths some people will go to to avoid crap instant coffee).

Taking freshly ground beans and adding a tiny dash of cinnamon and nutmeg,  I covered the grounds with water and let it sit overnight.

The next day, plunge, pour and taste.



The concentrate itself was awesome. Because the beans aren’t exposed to boiling water, there is no bitterness in the extraction.

I added a little milk (chilled in the freezer) and things just went from awesome to amazing. It was so good, I had to take a picture. (How many of you suffer from this disease also?)

When the tennis starts next week, you had better believe I will be watching it with one of these bad boys next to me.

Are you in the throws of summer or winter?

What’s your favourite way to cool down (or warm up, for that matter)?

8 Comments on “Home Brew (The Best You’ll Ever Have)”

  1. Cteavin says:

    I’ve never heard of making ice coffee this way. I’m doing it tonight.

  2. Love iced coffee..I always refrigerate leftover warm coffee!

  3. I’ve missed you and your posts!! (Full disclosure I may have sneakily lurked and not commented on a couple of your posts over the break) ;)

    Happy New Year, I hope you enjoyed your holidays!

    It is a shame I don’t drink coffee otherwise I would be onto this as it sounds so delicious.

  4. […] losing sleep due to the heat wave gripping the country, it did allow for ice-coffee and […]

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